In order to effectively protect an invention it is first necessary to draft a patent application. Backed by our extensive experience and a steadfast focus on keeping abreast of patent examination procedures throughout the world, B&M offers comprehensive support for designing a successful patent protection strategy, starting with the drafting of patent applications.

Applicants receive a full-service consultancy along every step of the process, from drafting to filing and subsequently prosecuting in Italy, Europe, internationally under the PCT, and abroad, right up to the final granting.

B&M also assists clients in dealing with contentious opposition-appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.

We provide technical and legal support on patent infringement and/or invalidity proceedings. Our professionals are called upon to appear as court-appointed technical experts witnesses and as party-appointed technical consultants in Italy, and are routinely involved in high-profile cases of patent infringement and nullity in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

B&M conducts patent and bibliographic research and boasts wide-ranging knowhow in complex cases requiring chemical structure and bio sequence searches and the provision of non-infringement and freedom-to-operate (FTO) opinions.

Clients regularly rely on us for assistance in conducting due diligence assessments underpinning negotiations for the acquisition/sale and licensing of industrial property assets.

B&M also handles the validation of European patents in Italy, offering translation services provided by a well-established network of highly trained and trusted translators and a specialised in-house revision team.